Veterinary Center for Spine Surgery

It was created for dogs and cats that require quick and comprehensive assistance due to spine disease and other neurological disorders, because the time from the first clinical symptoms to the start of treatment plays a key role in them.

The premise of the facility is a holistic approach to the patient, including full diagnostics, surgical or conservative treatment, as well as postoperative care and the necessary rehabilitation in one place.

The originator and founder of the center is Dr. Łukasz Handwerker – specialist in veterinary surgery and radiology, with over fifteen years of experience in the field of imaging and spine surgery.

We do everything in our power to provide patients and referring veterinarians with access to all diagnostic and treatment options for canine and feline spine diseases.

In the center there is a separate, fully equipped surgical room adapted to neurosurgical procedures, a computed tomography laboratory, a modern X-ray laboratory and an analytical laboratory.

The Veterinary Center of Spine Surgery is located in the Lublin Veterinary Policlinics.